Polo Dog Collar – Malbec

Polo Dog Collar – Malbec

Polo Dog Collar – Malbec

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From: £36
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Inspired by our favourite wine, the Malbec polo dog collar has distinctive inky dark colour with ripe blackberry and blackcurrant flavours. Plus hints of smoke and chocolate, with subtle vanilla balanced by firm tannins.

Whilst of French origin, the Vitis Vinifera Malbec grape, is now truly Argentine – grown in plantations between 3,500 and 5,600 feet above sea level it is watered with pure meltwater from the Andes under near cloudless skies. Celebrate World Malbec Day with us annually on April 17th!

A different twist with this guarda-pampa stitchway, we love the smaller sections in berry pink contrasting against a solid base of purple. Individually handstitched using the best waxed thread, which binds the stitching together and keep colours vibrant and bold.

Available in a choice of 1.5cm, 2cm or 2.5cm width of our vegetable tanned stirrup leather.  Before ordering, we would ask that you please check our size guide for help on finding your dog’s size. Larger, wider or custom designs and colours available on request!

The only polo dog collar on the market with the choice between solid brass or nickel plated fittings (both are solid British brass). These collars also feature solid cast, uncompromised buckle and D-ring, with no split at the back, ensuring these collars stand the test of time even if your dog pulls on the lead! Metalwork hand-stitched on in matching waxed thread, instead of rivets, for strength and durability.

Please note shades of dark brown leather may vary slightly due to our natural vegetable-tan leather.

Although we use a waterproof metalwork which wont rust and our vegetable tanned leather can cope very well with water we would still advise dog collars are removed to swim as regularly getting leather wet will inevitably age the product faster.

For a more active dog we suggest buying one of the Inca or Pampa polo dog collar designs as these are incredibly hardwearing and more suited to an active lifestyle.

Put April 17th in your diary and find out more here – Home – Malbec World Day


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