Polo Dog Collar – Inca Ibérico

Polo Dog Collar – Inca Ibérico

From: £35

From: £35
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The only polo dog collar on the market with the choice between brass fittings or nickel plated fittings (both are solid brass). These collars also feature a solid, uncompromised dee ring, with no split at the back, ensuring these collars stand the test of time even if your dog pulls on the lead!

The Inca version of our Iberico design with red and yellow, a bright and unique design.

Shades of dark brown leather may vary slightly due to our natural vegetable-tan leather. A lighter, tobacco leather is also available by messaging us directly.

Before ordering, we would ask that you please check the sizing chart image for help on finding your dog’s size.

Please note that we may have to make the collars to order, therefore please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


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