Genuine Argentine Carpincho leather - a natural, rich textured and marked leather produced exclusively within very limited areas of South America.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best quality Carpincho and think you will be impressed by this soft, fine hide, the most noble finish of all of the Estribos Polo Belt Collections!

Do not be fooled by the 'tooled' finish Capybara style leather offered elsewhere. This is simply a mock-carpincho, embossed suede which will not stand the test of time or have the same luxurious feel!

For the only REAL Carpincho available in the UK.. shop nowhere else!

Please do check our Sizing Info.

Bespoke service available at a small extra cost - Just send us a message via the Contact Page or email us and we can sort it out for you.

Please note - Carpincho suede is a by-product of the South American trade in Capybara meat.