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Estribos Polo Belt - Standard Width

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We are fairly sure that there is no-one else in the world who offers you the opportunity to come up with your own one-off unique Polo Belt online. Let your imagination go with our fabulous interactive design process. Start by choosing one of the twelve stunning belt designs from section one (all Standard Width 3.5cm). Then select the leather, and once you have picked the thread colours save your selection and choose a length before adding the belt to your cart.

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Our bespoke orders are made in our workshop in Argentina and we will do our best to deliver within the approximate delivery time we have indicated.
Delays in shipping/customs clearance are beyond our control.
We are not able to exchange/refund bespoke orders where we have made these in accordance with your instructions.
As we use natural materials in the production of our goods there can be some variation in the final colours and thicknesses.
Orders cannot be cancelled once payment has been made.

Bespoke Belt

Bespoke Belt


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