Carpincho Polo Belts

Our classic polo belts on genuine Argentine carpincho leather - a rich, naturally textured leather produced exclusively within very limited areas of South America. 

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best quality carpincho (capybara) leather, and think you will be impressed by this soft, fine hide - the most noble finish of all the Estribos polo belt collections!
Often compared to peccary leather, carpincho is a soft-grained skin. It features natural markings as well as occasional scars from fights between capybaras, a sign in Argentina of authenticity, only enhancing its beauty and appeal. Rest assured that carpincho suede is a natural by-product of the South American trade in sustainable capybara meat.

Our carpincho belt collection features the iconic Guarda Pampa design and natural 'Oxido' rust brown leather, as well as an exclusive selection of colours including black, red, green and midnight blue. For the only real carpincho leather available in the UK, shop nowhere else!
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