Adult Standard Width

Available in a standard 3.5cm width, our unisex polo belts come in the widest range of sizes worldwide!

Often seen on polo players and petiseros across the world, it was Argentina’s skill and passion for polo that gave these trendy belts their name. Combining the traditional elements of Argentinian leather belts with the more modern preferences of the international audience, we invite you to explore our exclusive range of Argentinian polo belts!

The quality of our products reflects the attention to detail at every step, from the materials to the design and workmanship. Each belt is hand-stitched using durable waxed nylon thread on vegetable tanned stirrup leather. Finished off to the highest standard, each belt can take up to six hours to make and is built to last.
The polo belt's striking look is based on an ancient Mapuche indian design, said to date back 5000 years, called the Guarda Pampa. It was used principally by the tribal elders to convey authority whilst the colours black and red had special significance – nobility and the blood of warriors.

The Mapuches (“Peoples of the Earth” in their language) colonised the far south west of Argentina long, long ago. The lower half of the pattern mirrors the upper half, thus symbolising the reflection of the peaks of the Andes in the lakes.

The gauchos learned a great deal from the Mapuches (including horsemanship and leatherwork) and incorporated the Guarda Pampa in their ponchos, with the variations of patterns and colours coming to represent different geographical areas and communities, very much as the tartans did in Scotland.

This design has continued to be used across many areas of Argentine culture and tradition, including the belts now worn by polo players!
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