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¡The REAL Argentine Leather Folks!

Welcome to the Home of the Original Estribos Polo Belt.

We thank you for taking time to pay us a visit. Please do try us out!


We are the only Argentines in this line of business in the UK.

Our family moved from the Falkland Islands to farm sheep in Patagonia, Southern Argentina in 1863 and the firm’s hat making roots in Buenos Aires go back over 130 years. 

The importance of our origins is reflected in our truly Argentine range of products. Our name "Estribos" means Stirrups in Spanish and reflects the close relationship we have with the horse world and its respect for good leather. 

We came from Buenos Aires to set up the European end of the business in 2004 and we travel all over the United Kingdom and elsewhere, attending well over 100 shows a year. Our presentation is traditionally Argentine, bringing together aspects of life in the campo (countryside), of the traditional Argentine 'talabarterias' (saddlery and leather goods shops) and of the world of Polo, so you will not confuse us with others (who will not have more than a couple of words in Spanish - nevermind "Lunfardo" being our equivalent of Cockney Rhyming Slang). 

Come and brighten our day by visiting the Real Argentine Leather Folks, and sample some of our product ranges that truly differentiate us from the rest – including our Stunning Coloured Carpincho Belts, our "Servicio Especial" (the Bespoke Belt and Collar Service), our Polo Brow Bands, our Estribos “Taba” Alpargatas (Argentine Espadrilles), our Fur Lined Carpincho Gloves, our Traditional Argentine Fur Felt Hats, our Fine Bolu Ale (made using Dulce de Leche) ....... 

¡We look forward to sharing 2017 with you! 

Hasta Luego, y Saludos, 

The Argentine Belt Smiths